Discover the Benefits of Ball Therapy

Using a playground sized ball,  a Your Core Works Physical Therapist will guide you through core mobility and stability exercise for 30 minutes with a warm up and cool down. Ball  exercises may be performed in any position (seated in recliner, lying in bed, or standing).  Ball Therapy  has many benefits.  It allows the patient to work specific  muscles groups and enables the therapist to provide resistance or assistance with core exercises.    

Ball Therapy Benefits:

  • Provides postural support in sitting and standing.
  • Eliminates friction in the sitting position off the supporting surface.
  • Provides body awareness in both stationary and dynamic positions to improve overall balance.
  • Provides tactile feedback to the client.
  • Improves pain with slow rhythmic movements that support the joints in a pain free range while strengthening targeted muscles.
  • Helps clients connect with one’s core muscles and promotes deep breathing.
  • Allows the client to successfully achieve their goals with the use of a ball in the comfort of their own home.
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