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About Your Core Works Physical Therapists

Your Core Works Physical Therapists believe our bodies function or dysfunction when balance is disturbed. These triggers can manifest as pain, weakness, decreased flexibility, poor posture, or fatigue. 

Our goal is to guide you on your personal journey of finding balance and wellness. Homeostasis is the key to healing our bodies. We vow every client will be assessed with a multifaceted approach, therapeutic and experienced hand, and comprehensive evaluation. 

With meticulous communication between therapist and client an even exchange occurs that allows us to obtain important facts about each individual that may be contributing factors to one’s pain cycle.

Your Core Works PT holds over 40 years of combined experience servicing clients as physical therapists. All of our senses are attuned to this work, allowing us to treat anyone who is experiencing pain—especially those who report chronic pain of the low back and pelvis. 

Our pelvic region embodies parts of the body extending from the umbilicus (belly button) to the inner thighs—in these borders lie the pelvic floor.  We view the pelvic floor as the “soul” of one’s being so when pain interrupts this area, life can become overwhelming. Clients may experience feelings of shame, embarrassment, and/or worry, all of which can become chronic and disabling. Your Core Works PT Specialists are trained to manage pain utilizing personalized therapeutic interventions of the pelvis. Beginning from the core (center) we orchestrate balance and control of the more distant parts that comprise the whole. We evaluate and treat clients regardless of gender.

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